Illegal 1955

After an overly aggressive district attorney unknowingly sends an innocent man to the chair, he resigns, turns to drinking, and acquires a criminal clientèle.

All Titles
  • Беззаконие
  • Schakale der Unterwelt
  • AT: Schakale der Unterwelt Schakale der Unterwelt
  • BE: Illégal Illégal
  • BE: Illegaal Illegaal
  • BR: Trágica Fatalidade Trágica Fatalidade
  • BG: Противозаконно Противозаконно
  • CA: Illegal Illegal
  • FI: Syytön mies murhattu Syytön mies murhattu
  • FR: Le témoin à abattre Le témoin à abattre
  • GR: O paranomos O paranomos
  • IT: Voi assassini Voi assassini
  • NO: Statsadvokaten Statsadvokaten
  • PT: O Grande Erro O Grande Erro
  • RO: Ilegal Ilegal
  • ES: Ilegal Ilegal
  • SE: Mord på fel person Mord på fel person
  • TR: Kanunsuz yol Kanunsuz yol
  • VE: Chacales del bajo mundo Chacales del bajo mundo
  • YU: Nevino osudjen Nevino osudjen
Directed by Lewis Allen show all movies of Lewis Allen
Artists Edward G. Robinson
as Victor Scott
Nina Foch
as Ellen Miles
Release date 05 Jul 1957
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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