I, Robot 2004

In 2035, a technophobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity.

All Titles
  • Hardwired
  • AR: Yo, robot Yo, robot
  • BR: Eu, Robô Eu, Robô
  • BG: Аз, роботът Аз, роботът
  • CA: Les robots Les robots
  • CL: Yo, robot Yo, robot
  • HR: Ja, Robot Ja, Robot
  • CZ: Já, robot Já, robot
  • EE: Mina, robot Mina, robot
  • FI: I, Robot I, Robot
  • FR: I, Robot I, Robot
  • DE: I, Robot I, Robot
  • GR: Ego, to robot Ego, to robot
  • GR: Εγώ, το ρομπότ Εγώ, το ρομπότ
  • HU: Én, a robot Én, a robot
  • IT: Io, robot Io, robot
  • MX: Yo, robot Yo, robot
  • PE: Yo, robot Yo, robot
  • PL: Ja, robot Ja, robot
  • PT: Eu, Robot Eu, Robot
  • RO: Eu, Robotul Eu, Robotul
  • RU: Я, робот Я, робот
  • RS: Ja, robot Ja, robot
  • SK: Ja, robot Ja, robot
  • SI: Jaz, robot Jaz, robot
  • ES: Yo, robot Yo, robot
  • ES: Jo, robot Jo, robot
  • TR: Ben, Robot Ben, Robot
  • UA: Я, Робот Я, Робот
  • VN: Toi, nguoi may Toi, nguoi may
Directed by Alex Proyas
Artists Will Smith
as Del Spooner
James Cromwell
as Dr. Alfred Lanning
Bridget Moynahan
as Susan Calvin
Release date 16 Jul 2004
Genre Action Crime Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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