Hungry Hearts 2014

The relationship of a couple who meet by chance in New York City is put to the test when they encounter a life or death circumstance.

All Titles
  • IT: Hungry Hearts Hungry Hearts
  • BR: Corações Famintos Corações Famintos
  • BG: Ненаситни сърца Ненаситни сърца
  • FR: Hungry Hearts Hungry Hearts
  • GR: Πεινασμένες καρδιές Πεινασμένες καρδιές
  • HU: Éhes szívek Éhes szívek
  • PL: Złaknieni Złaknieni
  • PT: Corações Inquietos Corações Inquietos
  • RU: Голодные сердца Голодные сердца
  • TR: Aç Kalpler Aç Kalpler
Directed by Saverio Costanzo
Artists David Aaron Baker
as Dr. Jacob
Roberta Maxwell
as Anne
Jake Weber
as Dr. Bill
Release date 15 Jan 2015
Genre Drama Romance Thriller
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