How High 2001

Two guys by the name of Silas and Jamal decided to one day smoke something magical, which eventually helps them to ace their college entrance exam.

All Titles
  • AR: Se les subieron los humos Se les subieron los humos
  • BR: Dois Doidões em Harvard Dois Doidões em Harvard
  • BG: Голямото напушване Голямото напушване
  • BG: Високо, по-високо Високо, по-високо
  • CA: Étudiants en Herbe Étudiants en Herbe
  • FI: Pilvessä Pilvessä
  • FI: Höga Höga
  • DE: So High So High
  • DE: American High - Probieren geht über studieren American High - Probieren geht über studieren
  • GR: Trelo didymo Trelo didymo
  • HU: Fűre tépni szabad Fűre tépni szabad
  • IT: Due sballati al college Due sballati al college
  • PL: Super zioło Super zioło
  • PT: Altamente Altamente
  • RO: 'Fumuri' la Harvard 'Fumuri' la Harvard
  • RU: Торчки Торчки
  • RS: Totalno napušeni Totalno napušeni
  • ES: Buen rollito Buen rollito
  • ES: How High (buen rollito) How High (buen rollito)
  • TR: Super Ot Super Ot
Directed by Jesse Dylan
Artists Jeffrey Jones
as Vice President
Hector Elizondo
as Bill the Crew Coach
Essence Atkins
as Jamie
Release date 21 Dec 2001
Genre Comedy Fantasy
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