House M.D. 2004

An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits.

All Titles
  • House
  • Doctor House
  • Dr. House
  • House
  • AR: Dr. House Dr. House
  • BR: Dr. House Dr. House
  • BG: Д-р Хаус Д-р Хаус
  • CL: Dr. House Dr. House
  • HR: Dr. House Dr. House
  • CZ: Dr. House Dr. House
  • DK: House House
  • EE: Dr. House Dr. House
  • FI: House House
  • FR: Dr House Dr House
  • FR: Dr. [H]ouse Dr. [H]ouse
  • FR: Docteur House Docteur House
  • DE: Dr. House Dr. House
  • GR: Iatrikes ypotheseis Iatrikes ypotheseis
  • GR: Ιατρικές υποθέσεις Ιατρικές υποθέσεις
  • HU: Doktor House Doktor House
  • IT: Dr. House - Medical Division Dr. House - Medical Division
  • JP: Dr. House Dr. House
  • LV: Doktors Hauss Doktors Hauss
  • LT: Hausas Hausas
  • LT: Daktaras Hausas Daktaras Hausas
  • MX: Dr. House Dr. House
  • NL: House House
  • NO: House House
  • PL: Dr House Dr House
  • PT: Dr. House Dr. House
  • MK: Д-р Хаус Д-р Хаус
  • RO: Dr. House Dr. House
  • RU: Доктор Хаус Доктор Хаус
  • RS: Doktor Haus Doktor Haus
  • SK: Dr. House Dr. House
  • SI: Zdravnikova vest Zdravnikova vest
  • ZA: House House
  • ES: House House
  • SE: House House
  • TR: Doktor House Doktor House
  • UA: Доктор Хаус Доктор Хаус
  • VN: Bac Si House Bac Si House
Artists Jennifer Grey
as 1 episode, 2010
Kathleen Quinlan
as 1 episode, 2006
Sela Ward
as 10 episodes, 2005-2012
Release date 16 Nov 2004
Genre Drama Mystery
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House M.D. 2004