Hoodlum Empire 1952

After WW2, ex-mobster war hero Joe Gray goes straight, to the dismay of his New York mob boss uncle who's afraid that his nephew will testify against his outfit before a Grand Jury.

All Titles
  • Mörder Syndikat San Francisco
  • Mörder-Syndikat San Francisco
  • BE: Au royaume des crapules Au royaume des crapules
  • BE: Dievenwereld Dievenwereld
  • BR: Império dos Malvados Império dos Malvados
  • CA: Hoodlum Empire Hoodlum Empire
  • DK: Gangsternes sidste kup Gangsternes sidste kup
  • FR: Au royaume des crapules Au royaume des crapules
  • GR: Arhontes tou eglimatos Arhontes tou eglimatos
  • IT: L'impero dei gangster L'impero dei gangster
  • JP: Boryoku teikoku Boryoku teikoku
  • PT: Violência Violência
  • RO: Imperiu de gangsteri Imperiu de gangsteri
  • SE: Gangsterland Gangsterland
Directed by Joseph Kane show all movies of Joseph Kane
Artists Brian Donlevy
as Senator Bill Stephens
Release date 15 Apr 1952
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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