Hollow Triumph 1948

Pursued by the big-time gambler he robbed, John Muller takes a new identity, with ironic results.

All Titles
  • Бессмысленный триумф
  • The Man Who Murdered Himself
  • The Scar
  • Der Mann mit der Narbe
  • AR: La cicatriz La cicatriz
  • AU: Hollow Triumph Hollow Triumph
  • AT: Der Mann mit der Narbe Der Mann mit der Narbe
  • BR: A Cicatriz A Cicatriz
  • CA: Hollow Triumph Hollow Triumph
  • DK: Dobbelt-mennesket Dobbelt-mennesket
  • FI: Arpi Arpi
  • FR: Le balafré Le balafré
  • GR: To stigmatismeno prosopo To stigmatismeno prosopo
  • HU: Üres diadal Üres diadal
  • IT: Jim lo sfregiato Jim lo sfregiato
  • MX: La cicatriz La cicatriz
  • NZ: Hollow Triumph Hollow Triumph
  • PT: A Cicatriz A Cicatriz
  • RO: Triumf găunos Triumf găunos
  • RO: Cicatricea Cicatricea
  • ZA: Hollow Triumph Hollow Triumph
  • ES: La cicatriz La cicatriz
  • SE: Ärret Ärret
Directed by Paul Henreid Steve Sekely
Artists Joan Bennett
as Evelyn Hahn
Paul Henreid
as John Muller / Dr. Bartok
Release date 28 Mar 1950
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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