Highlander 1992

Duncan MacLeod is Immortal, and must live in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting other Immortals.

All Titles
  • CA: Highlander Highlander
  • AR: Highlander: El inmortal Highlander: El inmortal
  • BR: Highlander: A Série Highlander: A Série
  • BG: Шотландски боец Шотландски боец
  • EE: Surematu Surematu
  • FR: Highlander Highlander
  • DE: Highlander Highlander
  • HU: Hegylakó Hegylakó
  • IT: Highlander Highlander
  • MX: Highlander: El inmortal Highlander: El inmortal
  • PL: Niesmiertelny Niesmiertelny
  • PT: Os Imortais Os Imortais
  • RO: Nemuritorul Nemuritorul
  • RU: Горец Горец
  • RS: Gorštak Gorštak
  • ES: Los inmortales Los inmortales
  • UA: Горець Горець
  • VE: Los inmortales Los inmortales
  • : Highlander: The Series Highlander: The Series
Artists Traci Lords
as 1 episode, 1993
Ron Perlman
as 1 episode, 1996
Tamlyn Tomita
as 1 episode, 1994
Release date 06 Oct 1992
Genre Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Romance Sci-Fi
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Highlander 1992