High Society 1956

A spoiled heiress must choose among three suitors: her jazz musician ex-husband, a stuffy businessman, and an undercover tabloid reporter.

All Titles
  • Высшее общество
  • Die oberen Zehntausend
  • AR: Alta sociedad Alta sociedad
  • AT: Die oberen Zehntausend Die oberen Zehntausend
  • BE: De hoge wereld De hoge wereld
  • BE: La haute société La haute société
  • BR: Alta Sociedade Alta Sociedade
  • BG: Висше общество Висше общество
  • CA: La haute Société La haute Société
  • DK: High Society High Society
  • FI: Skandaalihäät Skandaalihäät
  • FR: Haute société Haute société
  • GR: Υψηλή κοινωνία Υψηλή κοινωνία
  • HU: Gazdagok és szerelmesek Gazdagok és szerelmesek
  • IT: Alta società Alta società
  • LT: Aukštuomene Aukštuomene
  • NO: Fint folk flørter Fint folk flørter
  • PL: Wyzsze sfery Wyzsze sfery
  • PT: Alta Sociedade Alta Sociedade
  • RO: Înalta societate Înalta societate
  • ES: Alta sociedad Alta sociedad
  • SE: En skön historia En skön historia
  • TR: Yüksek Sosyete Yüksek Sosyete
  • UA: Вище суспiльство Вище суспiльство
Directed by Charles Walters
Artists Grace Kelly
as Tracy Lord
Frank Sinatra
as Mike Connor
Bing Crosby
as C. K. Dexter-Haven
Release date 17 Jul 1956
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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