Hero 1992

A not-so-nice man rescues passengers from a crashed airliner, only to see someone else take credit.

All Titles
  • Hero and a Half
  • AR: Héroe accidental Héroe accidental
  • AR: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • AU: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • AT: Ein ganz normaler Held Ein ganz normaler Held
  • BR: Herói por Acidente Herói por Acidente
  • BR: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • BG: Герой Герой
  • CA: Héros Héros
  • CA: Hero Hero
  • CA: Hero Hero
  • DK: Den forkerte helt Den forkerte helt
  • EE: Juhukangelane Juhukangelane
  • EE: Juhuslik kangelane Juhuslik kangelane
  • EE: Kangelane Kangelane
  • FI: Satunnaisia sankareita Satunnaisia sankareita
  • FR: Héros malgré lui Héros malgré lui
  • DE: Ein ganz normaler Held Ein ganz normaler Held
  • GR: Iroas kata lathos Iroas kata lathos
  • GR: Ήρωας κατά λάθος Ήρωας κατά λάθος
  • HU: Mondvacsinált hős Mondvacsinált hős
  • IE: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • IL: Gibor Mizdamen Gibor Mizdamen
  • IT: Eroe per caso Eroe per caso
  • LT: Atsitiktinis didvyris Atsitiktinis didvyris
  • MX: Héroe accidental Héroe accidental
  • NL: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • NO: En ganske alminnelig helt En ganske alminnelig helt
  • PE: Héroe accidental Héroe accidental
  • PE: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • PL: Przypadkowy bohater Przypadkowy bohater
  • PT: O Herói Acidental O Herói Acidental
  • PT: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • RO: Erou din întâmplareHero Erou din întâmplareHero
  • RU: Герой Герой
  • RS: Slučajni heroj Slučajni heroj
  • SI: Naključni junak Naključni junak
  • ES: Heroi per accident Heroi per accident
  • ES: Héroe por accidente Héroe por accidente
  • ES: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • SE: Slumpens hjälte Slumpens hjälte
  • TR: Zoraki Kahraman Zoraki Kahraman
  • UA: Accidental Hero Accidental Hero
  • UY: Héroe accidental Héroe accidental
Directed by Stephen Frears
Artists Geena Davis
as Gale Gayley
Dustin Hoffman
as Bernie LaPlante
Chevy Chase
as Deke - Channel 4 News Director
Release date 02 Oct 1992
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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