Here Comes the Groom 1951

Foreign correspondent Pete Garvey has 5 days to win back his former fiancée, or he'll lose the orphans he adopted.

All Titles
  • Жених возвращается
  • You Belong to Me
  • Hochzeitsparade
  • AR: Aquí viene el novio Aquí viene el novio
  • AT: Hochzeitsparade Hochzeitsparade
  • BR: Órfãos da Tempestade Órfãos da Tempestade
  • DK: Her kommer brudgommen Her kommer brudgommen
  • FI: Poikamiesisä Poikamiesisä
  • FR: Si l'on mariait papa Si l'on mariait papa
  • GR: Pantrevoun ton patera mou Pantrevoun ton patera mou
  • IT: È arrivato lo sposo È arrivato lo sposo
  • NL: Vader is vrijgezel Vader is vrijgezel
  • PL: Przybywa narzeczony Przybywa narzeczony
  • PT: A Sorte Bate à Porta A Sorte Bate à Porta
  • ES: Aquí viene el novio Aquí viene el novio
  • SE: Här kommer brudgummen Här kommer brudgummen
Directed by Frank Capra
Artists Bing Crosby
as Peter 'Pete' Garvey
Louis Armstrong
as Louis Armstrong
Release date 20 Sep 1951
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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