Here Comes the Boom 2012

A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school.

All Titles
  • AR: El maestro luchador El maestro luchador
  • AT: Das Schwergewicht Das Schwergewicht
  • BR: Professor Peso Pesado Professor Peso Pesado
  • BG: Тeжка категория Тeжка категория
  • CA: Ça va faire boom Ça va faire boom
  • CL: El maestro luchador El maestro luchador
  • HR: A sada, Boom A sada, Boom
  • EC: El maestro luchador El maestro luchador
  • EE: Raskekaal Raskekaal
  • FR: Prof poids lourd Prof poids lourd
  • DE: Das Schwergewicht Das Schwergewicht
  • GR: Kathigitis vareon varon Kathigitis vareon varon
  • GR: Καθηγητής βαρέων βαρών Καθηγητής βαρέων βαρών
  • HU: A maflás A maflás
  • IL: Hi'ne ba ha'box Hi'ne ba ha'box
  • IT: Colpi da maestro Colpi da maestro
  • MX: El maestro luchador El maestro luchador
  • PE: El maestro luchador El maestro luchador
  • PL: Mocne uderzenie Mocne uderzenie
  • PT: Peso Pesado Peso Pesado
  • RO: Categoria grea in actiune Categoria grea in actiune
  • RU: Толстяк на ринге Толстяк на ринге
  • RS: Profesor teške kategorije Profesor teške kategorije
  • SI: Odstekani profesor Odstekani profesor
  • ES: Peso pesado Peso pesado
  • TR: Agir siklet Agir siklet
Directed by Frank Coraci
Artists Salma Hayek
as Bella Flores
Henry Winkler
as Marty Streb
Bruce Buffer
as Bruce Buffer
Release date 12 Oct 2012
Genre Action Comedy Sport
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