Hercules 1997

The son of Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it.

All Titles
  • AL: Herkuli Herkuli
  • AR: Hércules Hércules
  • BE: Hercules Hercules
  • BR: Hércules Hércules
  • BG: Херкулес Херкулес
  • CA: Hercules Hercules
  • HR: Herkul Herkul
  • DK: Herkules Herkules
  • FI: Herkules Herkules
  • FI: Herkules Herkules
  • FR: Hercule Hercule
  • GR: Iraklis: Pera apo to mytho Iraklis: Pera apo to mytho
  • GR: Ηρακλής: Πέρα από το μύθο Ηρακλής: Πέρα από το μύθο
  • HU: Herkules Herkules
  • LT: Heraklis Heraklis
  • MX: Hércules Hércules
  • NL: Hercules Hercules
  • NO: Herkules Herkules
  • PE: Hércules Hércules
  • PL: Herkules Herkules
  • PT: Hércules Hércules
  • RO: Hercule Hercule
  • RU: Геркулес Геркулес
  • RS: Herkul Herkul
  • SI: Herkul Herkul
  • ES: Hércules Hércules
  • ES: Hèrcules Hèrcules
  • SE: Herkules Herkules
  • TR: Herkül Herkül
  • UA: Геркулес Геркулес
Directed by Ron Clements,John Musker show all movies of Ron Clements,John Musker
Artists Charlton Heston
as Narrator
James Woods
as Hades
Danny DeVito
as Phil
Release date 27 Jun 1997
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy Musical Romance
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