Hercule & Sherlock 1996

With a shipment of counterfeit banknotes waylaid, and their boss in jail, two small-time hoods, Bruno and Vincent, find themselves forced to dognap two canines who have been trained... to sniff out counterfeit money!

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  • Mutts
  • FR: Hercule & Sherlock Hercule & Sherlock
  • BR: Hércule e Sherlock Hércule e Sherlock
  • BG: Еркюл и Шерлок Еркюл и Шерлок
  • CA: Hercule et Sherlock Hercule et Sherlock
  • DE: Die Dumpfbacken-Gang Die Dumpfbacken-Gang
  • DE: Herkules & Sherlock Herkules & Sherlock
  • GR: Iraklis & Sherlock Iraklis & Sherlock
  • HU: Hercule és Sherlock Hercule és Sherlock
  • IT: 8 zampe di guai 8 zampe di guai
  • MX: Hercule & Sherlock Hercule & Sherlock
  • PL: Herkules i Sherlock Herkules i Sherlock
  • RU: Эркюль и Шерлок против мафии Эркюль и Шерлок против мафии
  • ES: Hércules y Sherlock Hércules y Sherlock
  • TR: Herkül ve Serlok Herkül ve Serlok
Directed by Jeannot Szwarc show all movies of Jeannot Szwarc
Artists Christopher Lambert
as Vincent (as Christophe Lambert)
Béatrice Agenin
as Nicole Morand
Richard Anconina
as Bruno
Release date 19 Jun 1997
Genre Comedy Crime
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