Hellzapoppin' 1941

Olsen and Johnson, a pair of stage comedians, try to turn their play into a movie and bring together a young couple in love, while breaking the fourth wall every step of the way.

All Titles
  • Ад раскрылся
  • Hellzapoppin - In der Hölle ist der Teufel los
  • In der Hölle ist der Teufel los
  • BE: De studio draait zot De studio draait zot
  • BE: Le studio en folie Le studio en folie
  • BR: Pandemônio Pandemônio
  • DK: Det glade vanvid Det glade vanvid
  • FI: Hullunmyllyssä Hullunmyllyssä
  • FR: Hellzapoppin Hellzapoppin
  • GR: O trellos paradeisos O trellos paradeisos
  • HU: Ördögéknél Ördögéknél
  • MX: Loquibambia Loquibambia
  • PT: Parada de Malucos Parada de Malucos
  • ES: Loquilandia Loquilandia
  • SE: Galopperande flugan Galopperande flugan
Directed by H.C. Potter
Artists Hugh Herbert
as Quimby
Eddie Acuff
as Drafted Devil
Release date 26 Dec 1941
Genre Comedy Musical
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