Hélène et les garçons 1992

Hélène Girard and her friends are college students and aspiring musicians. They study for exams, gather in a local cafe for gossip, laugh at the gym, and of course, fall in love.

All Titles
  • FR: Hélène et les garçons Hélène et les garçons
  • HU: Hélène és a fiúk Hélène és a fiúk
  • IT: Helen e i suoi amici Helen e i suoi amici
  • IT: Hélène e i suoi amici Hélène e i suoi amici
  • NO: Helene og gutta Helene og gutta
  • RU: Элен и ребята Элен и ребята
  • ES: Helena, quina canya! Helena, quina canya!
Artists Guy Amram
as 1 episode, 1992
Release date 11 May 1992
Genre Comedy Drama
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