Hardcastle and McCormick 1983

A retired judge and his last defendant follow up on cases that were dismissed due to technicalities.

All Titles
  • Хардкасл и Маккормик
  • Hardcastle & McCormick
  • AR: El auto rojo El auto rojo
  • AT: Hardcastle und McCormick Hardcastle und McCormick
  • BR: Cara e Coroa Cara e Coroa
  • FI: Viimeinen keino Viimeinen keino
  • FR: Le juge et le pilote Le juge et le pilote
  • DE: Hardcastle & McCormick Hardcastle & McCormick
  • IT: Hardcastle e McCormick Hardcastle e McCormick
  • IT: I giustizieri della città I giustizieri della città
  • ES: Dos contra el crimen Dos contra el crimen
  • SE: Sista utvägen Sista utvägen
  • UY: Dos contra el crimen Dos contra el crimen
Artists Tim Robbins
as 1 episode, 1984
James Cromwell
as 1 episode, 1985
Lance Henriksen
as Deseau / 2 episodes, 1983-1984
Release date 18 Sep 1983
Genre Action Crime Drama
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