Happy Days 1974

The Cunningham family live through the 1950s with help and guidance from the lovable and almost superhuman greaser, Fonzie.

All Titles
  • New Family in Town
  • Cool
  • HR: Sretni dani Sretni dani
  • FI: Onnen päivät Onnen päivät
  • FR: Happy Days - Les jours heureux Happy Days - Les jours heureux
  • FR: Les jours heureux Les jours heureux
  • GR: Eftyhismenes meres Eftyhismenes meres
  • PE: Días felices Días felices
  • RU: Счастливые дни Счастливые дни
  • RS: Srećni dani Srećni dani
  • ES: Días felices Días felices
  • SE: Gänget och jag Gänget och jag
  • VE: Días felices Días felices
Artists Richard Paul
as 1 episode, 1982
Tom Hanks
as 1 episode, 1982
Ron Howard
as Richie Cunningham / 170 episodes, 1974-1984
Release date 15 Jan 1974
Genre Comedy Family Music
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