Halloween 2007

After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution and immediately returns to Haddonfield to find his baby sister, Laurie.

All Titles
  • Halloween: Retribution
  • Untitled Rob Zombie Halloween Project
  • Rob Zombie's Halloween
  • AR: Halloween, el comienzo Halloween, el comienzo
  • BA: Noć Veštica Noć Veštica
  • BR: Halloween: O Início Halloween: O Início
  • BG: Хелоуин Хелоуин
  • CA: Halloween Halloween
  • HR: Noć vještica Noć vještica
  • CZ: Halloween Halloween
  • DE: Halloween Halloween
  • GR: Halloween: I nyhta me tis maskes Halloween: I nyhta me tis maskes
  • GR: Halloween: Η νύχτα με τις μάσκες Halloween: Η νύχτα με τις μάσκες
  • HU: Halloween Halloween
  • IT: Halloween - The Beginning Halloween - The Beginning
  • JP: Halloween Halloween
  • LT: Helovinas Helovinas
  • MX: Halloween: el inicio Halloween: el inicio
  • PT: Halloween Halloween
  • RU: Хэллоуин 2007 Хэллоуин 2007
  • RS: Noć veštica Noć veštica
  • ES: Halloween. El origen Halloween. El origen
  • TR: Halloween Halloween
  • UY: Halloween: El comienzo Halloween: El comienzo
  • VE: Halloween: El inicio Halloween: El inicio
Directed by Rob Zombie show all movies of Rob Zombie
Artists Sybil Danning
as Nurse Wynn
Brad Dourif
as Sheriff Lee Brackett
Malcolm McDowell
as Dr. Samuel Loomis
Release date 31 Aug 2007
Genre Horror
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