Gun Crazy 1950

A well meaning crack shot husband is pressured by his beautiful marksman wife to go on an interstate robbery spree, where he finds out just how depraved and deadly she really is.

All Titles
  • Без ума от оружия
  • Gefährliche Leidenschaft
  • AR: Vivir para matar Vivir para matar
  • AT: Gefährliche Leidenschaft Gefährliche Leidenschaft
  • BE: Femme ou démon Femme ou démon
  • BE: Vrouw of duivel Vrouw of duivel
  • BR: Mortalmente Perigosa Mortalmente Perigosa
  • BG: Луди по оръжието Луди по оръжието
  • FI: Rikosten pyörteessä Rikosten pyörteessä
  • FR: Le démon des armes Le démon des armes
  • FR: Gun Crazy: Le démon des armes Gun Crazy: Le démon des armes
  • GR: O polemos tou eglimatos O polemos tou eglimatos
  • HU: Fegyverbolondok Fegyverbolondok
  • IT: La sanguinaria La sanguinaria
  • MX: Muerte al amanecer Muerte al amanecer
  • PL: Zabójcza mania Zabójcza mania
  • PT: Mortalmente Perigosa Mortalmente Perigosa
  • ES: El demonio de las armas El demonio de las armas
  • UA: Gun Crazy Gun Crazy
  • UA: Deadly Is The Female Deadly Is The Female
  • YU: Ludilo za pištoljem Ludilo za pištoljem
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis show all movies of Joseph H. Lewis
Artists Joseph Crehan
as Plant Foreman
Alex Ball
as Dance Hall Patron
Release date 20 Jan 1950
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir Romance Thriller
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