Grip of the Strangler 1958

A researcher investigating a notorious serial killer who was hanged 20 years earlier seemingly becomes possessed by the long dead strangler.

All Titles
  • The Haunted Strangler
  • UA: Grip of the Strangler Grip of the Strangler
  • HR: Ukleti davitelj Ukleti davitelj
  • FR: La sépulture maudite La sépulture maudite
  • IT: Lo strangolatore folle Lo strangolatore folle
  • MX: El estrangulador fantasma El estrangulador fantasma
  • NL: Het beest in mensengedaante Het beest in mensengedaante
  • PT: O Fantasma Estrangulador O Fantasma Estrangulador
  • UA: Хватка душителя Хватка душителя
  • ES: El estrangulador fantasma El estrangulador fantasma
  • UA: Strangle Hold Strangle Hold
Directed by Robert Day show all movies of Robert Day
Artists Boris Karloff
as James Rankin
Elizabeth Allan
as Barbara Rankin
Release date 24 Apr 1959
Genre Crime Mystery Horror
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