Greystone Park 2012

In October 2009, the filmmakers went into an abandoned psychiatric hospital to explore the 'haunted' institution, famous for its radical treatment of patients with mental illness. ...

All Titles
  • Graystone
  • The Asylum Tapes
  • DE: Graystone - Glaubst du an Geister? Graystone - Glaubst du an Geister?
  • MX: Experimento paranormal Experimento paranormal
  • RU: Проклятый камень Проклятый камень
  • TR: Timarhane Timarhane
  • UA: The Asylum Tapes The Asylum Tapes
Directed by Sean Stone
Artists Oliver Stone
as Oliver
Pete Antico
as Dinner Table Guest
Bruce Payne
as Demonic Voice (voice)
Release date 05 Jun 2012
Genre Horror Thriller
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