Grey's Anatomy 2005

Drama Romance

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

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  • Complications
  • Surgeons
  • Under the Knife
  • Procedure
  • AR: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • AR: Anatomía según Grey Anatomía según Grey
  • BR: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • BR: A Anatomia de Grey A Anatomia de Grey
  • BR: Anatomia de Grey Anatomia de Grey
  • BG: Анатомията на Грей Анатомията на Грей
  • CA: Dre Grey, leçons d'anatomie Dre Grey, leçons d'anatomie
  • HR: Uvod u anatomiju Uvod u anatomiju
  • CZ: Chirurgové Chirurgové
  • DK: Greys hvide verden Greys hvide verden
  • EE: Grey anatoomia Grey anatoomia
  • FI: Greyn anatomia Greyn anatomia
  • FR: Grey's Anatomy (À coeur ouvert) Grey's Anatomy (À coeur ouvert)
  • FR: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • DE: Grey's Anatomy: Die jungen Ärzte Grey's Anatomy: Die jungen Ärzte
  • GR: Mathimata anatomias Mathimata anatomias
  • GR: Μαθήματα ανατομίας Μαθήματα ανατομίας
  • HU: A Grace klinika A Grace klinika
  • IL: Ha'anatomya shel Grey Ha'anatomya shel Grey
  • IT: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • LV: Grejas Anatomija Grejas Anatomija
  • LT: Grei anatomija Grei anatomija
  • MX: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • PL: Chirurdzy Chirurdzy
  • PT: Anatomia de Grey Anatomia de Grey
  • RO: Anatomia lui Grey Anatomia lui Grey
  • RU: Анатомия страсти Анатомия страсти
  • RS: Uvod u anatomiju Uvod u anatomiju
  • SK: Klinika Grace Klinika Grace
  • SI: Talenti v belem Talenti v belem
  • ES: Anatomía de Grey Anatomía de Grey
  • UA: Анатомiя Грей Анатомiя Грей
  • VE: Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy
  • VN: Grey Bat Tu Grey Bat Tu
Artists Adrienne Barbeau
as 1 episode, 2009
Rosanna Arquette
as 1 episode, 2005
Brenda Bakke
as 1 episode, 2017