Green Lantern 2011

Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps.

All Titles
  • Emerald Dawn
  • AR: Linterna Verde Linterna Verde
  • BR: Lanterna Verde Lanterna Verde
  • BG: Зеленият фенер Зеленият фенер
  • CO: Linterna verde Linterna verde
  • GR: Green Lantern Green Lantern
  • GR: Πράσινος Φανός Πράσινος Φανός
  • HU: Zöld Lámpás Zöld Lámpás
  • IO: Avatar 2011 Avatar 2011
  • IL: Green Lantern Green Lantern
  • IT: Lanterna Verde Lanterna Verde
  • LT: Zaliasis zibintas 3D Zaliasis zibintas 3D
  • MX: Linterna Verde Linterna Verde
  • PE: Linterna Verde Linterna Verde
  • PL: Green Lantern Green Lantern
  • PL: Zielona Latarnia Zielona Latarnia
  • PT: Green Lantern - Lanterna Verde Green Lantern - Lanterna Verde
  • RO: Green Lantern 3D: Protectorul Universului Green Lantern 3D: Protectorul Universului
  • RU: Зелёный фонарь Зелёный фонарь
  • RS: Zelena svetiljka Zelena svetiljka
  • SI: Zelena svetilka Zelena svetilka
  • KR: Geurillaenteon: Banjiui Seontaek Geurillaenteon: Banjiui Seontaek
  • ES: Green Lantern (Linterna verde) Green Lantern (Linterna verde)
  • TR: Yesil Fener Yesil Fener
  • UA: Зелений Лiхтар Зелений Лiхтар
  • UY: Linterna verde Linterna verde
Directed by Martin Campbell
Artists Tim Robbins
as Hammond
Angela Bassett
as Doctor Waller
Clancy Brown
as Parallax
Release date 17 Jun 2011
Genre Action Adventure Sci-Fi
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Green Lantern 2011