Gravity 2013

Two astronauts work together to survive after an accident leaves them stranded in space.

All Titles
  • UA: Gravity Gravity
  • AL: Graviteti Graviteti
  • AR: Gravedad Gravedad
  • AZ: Yercekimi Yercekimi
  • BE: Gravity Gravity
  • BO: Gravedad Gravedad
  • BR: Gravidade Gravidade
  • BG: Гравитация Гравитация
  • CA: Gravity Gravity
  • CA: Gravité Gravité
  • CL: Gravedad Gravedad
  • HR: Gravitacija Gravitacija
  • CZ: Gravitace Gravitace
  • EE: Gravitatsioon Gravitatsioon
  • FR: Gravity Gravity
  • GE: Gravitacia Gravitacia
  • DE: Gravity Gravity
  • GR: Gravity Gravity
  • GR: Βαρύτητα Βαρύτητα
  • HU: Gravitáció Gravitáció
  • IR: Jazebe Jazebe
  • IL: Ko'akh meshikha Ko'akh meshikha
  • JP: Zero Gravity Zero Gravity
  • JP: Zero Guraviti Zero Guraviti
  • LT: Gravitacija Gravitacija
  • MX: Gravedad Gravedad
  • PE: Gravedad Gravedad
  • PL: Grawitacja Grawitacja
  • PT: Gravidade Gravidade
  • RO: Gravity: Misiune in spatiu Gravity: Misiune in spatiu
  • RU: Гравитация Гравитация
  • RS: Gravitacija Gravitacija
  • SK: Gravitácia Gravitácia
  • SI: Gravitacija Gravitacija
  • ES: Gravity Gravity
  • TR: Yerçekimi Yerçekimi
  • UA: Гравiтацiя Гравiтацiя
  • UA: Gravity Gravity
  • VN: Cuoc Chien Khong Trong Luc Cuoc Chien Khong Trong Luc
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón show all movies of Alfonso Cuarón
Artists Sandra Bullock
as Ryan Stone
George Clooney
as Matt Kowalski
Ed Harris
as Mission Control
Release date 04 Oct 2013
Genre Drama Sci-Fi Thriller
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