Gossip Girl 2007

Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching.

All Titles
  • Gg
  • AR: Gossip Girl: Chica Indiscreta Gossip Girl: Chica Indiscreta
  • BR: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • BR: Gossip Girl: A Garota do Blog Gossip Girl: A Garota do Blog
  • BG: Клюкарката Клюкарката
  • HR: Tračerica Tračerica
  • CZ: Super drbna Super drbna
  • EE: Kõmutüdruk Kõmutüdruk
  • FR: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • GE: Chorikana Chorikana
  • DE: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • GR: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • HU: Gossip Girl - A pletykafészek Gossip Girl - A pletykafészek
  • IT: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • LT: Liezuvautoja Liezuvautoja
  • MX: Gossip Girl - Chica Indiscreta Gossip Girl - Chica Indiscreta
  • PL: Plotkara Plotkara
  • PT: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • RO: Gossip Girl: Intrigi la New York Gossip Girl: Intrigi la New York
  • RU: Сплетница Сплетница
  • RS: Tračara Tračara
  • SI: Opravljivka Opravljivka
  • ES: Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
  • TR: Dedikoducu Kiz Dedikoducu Kiz
  • UA: Плiткарка Плiткарка
  • VN: Ba Tam Xu My Ba Tam Xu My
Artists Lisa Loeb
as 2 episodes, 2008-2012
Michael Michele
as 4 episodes, 2011
Joseph Adams
as 1 episode, 2009
Release date 19 Sep 2007
Genre Drama Romance
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Gossip Girl 2007