Good Luck Charlie 2010

The Duncan family are adjusting to the surprise birth of their fourth child, Charlie. When parents Amy and Bob return to work they put their latest addition in the care of her three older siblings.

All Titles
  • Oops!
  • BR: Boa Sorte, Charlie! Boa Sorte, Charlie!
  • DK: Held og lykke, Charlie Held og lykke, Charlie
  • FI: Onnea matkaan, Charlie! Onnea matkaan, Charlie!
  • FR: Bonne chance Charlie Bonne chance Charlie
  • DE: Meine Schwester Charlie Meine Schwester Charlie
  • GR: Καλή Τύχη Τσάρλι Καλή Τύχη Τσάρλι
  • HU: Sok sikert, Charlie! Sok sikert, Charlie!
  • IT: Buona fortuna Charlie Buona fortuna Charlie
  • NO: Lykke til Charlie Lykke til Charlie
  • PE: ¡Buena suerte, Charlie! ¡Buena suerte, Charlie!
  • PL: Powodzenia, Charlie Powodzenia, Charlie
  • PT: Boa Sorte, Charlie! Boa Sorte, Charlie!
  • RU: Держись, Чарли! Держись, Чарли!
  • RS: Srećno, Čarli Srećno, Čarli
  • ES: ¡Buena suerte, Charlie! ¡Buena suerte, Charlie!
  • TR: Iyi Sanslar Charlie Iyi Sanslar Charlie
Artists Kel Mitchell
as 1 episode, 2011
Rolonda Watts
as 1 episode, 2012
Brian Palermo
as 1 episode, 2011
Release date 04 Apr 2010
Genre Comedy Drama Family
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