Good Kill 2014

A family man begins to question the ethics of his job as a drone pilot.

All Titles
  • AR: Máxima precisión Máxima precisión
  • BR: Good Kill - Máxima Precisão Good Kill - Máxima Precisão
  • BR: Morte Limpa Morte Limpa
  • BG: Добро убийство Добро убийство
  • CA: Drones Drones
  • CL: Máxima precisión Máxima precisión
  • CL: Operación letal Operación letal
  • HR: Tocno u metu Tocno u metu
  • DE: Good Kill - Tod aus der Luft Good Kill - Tod aus der Luft
  • GR: Drones: Θάνατος από ψηλά Drones: Θάνατος από ψηλά
  • HU: Arctalan ellenség Arctalan ellenség
  • IL: Khisoul memoukad Khisoul memoukad
  • LT: Švarus sunaikinimas Švarus sunaikinimas
  • PE: Máxima precisión Máxima precisión
  • PL: Dobre zabijanie Dobre zabijanie
  • PT: Morte Limpa Morte Limpa
  • RU: Хорошее убийство Хорошее убийство
  • ES: Good Kill Good Kill
  • TR: Zor Hedef Zor Hedef
  • VN: Trò Choi Giêt Nguoi Trò Choi Giêt Nguoi
Directed by Andrew Niccol
Artists Ethan Hawke
as Major Thomas Egan
Peter Coyote
as Langley (voice)
January Jones
as Molly Egan
Release date 15 May 2015
Genre Drama Thriller War
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