Good Boys 2019

Three 6th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.

All Titles
  • AR: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • AU: Good Boys Good Boys
  • AT: Good Boys Good Boys
  • BR: Bons Meninos Bons Meninos
  • BG: Момчета за пример Момчета за пример
  • CA: Good Boys Good Boys
  • CA: Les bons garçons Les bons garçons
  • CL: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • CO: Chicos Buenos Chicos Buenos
  • HR: Dobri dečki Dobri dečki
  • FR: Good Boys Good Boys
  • DE: Good Boys Good Boys
  • HU: Jó srácok Jó srácok
  • IO: Good Boys Good Boys
  • IE: Good Boys Good Boys
  • IL: Yeladim Tovim Yeladim Tovim
  • IT: Good Boys - Quei cattivi ragazzi Good Boys - Quei cattivi ragazzi
  • JP: Good Boys Good Boys
  • LV: Labie zēni Labie zēni
  • LT: Geri berniukai Geri berniukai
  • MX: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • NZ: Good Boys Good Boys
  • PE: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • PL: Grzeczni chłopcy Grzeczni chłopcy
  • PT: Tudo Bons Meninos Tudo Bons Meninos
  • RU: Хорошие ребята Хорошие ребята
  • RS: Dobri momci Dobri momci
  • ES: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • TR: Uslu Çocuklar Uslu Çocuklar
  • UA: Хороші хлопці Хороші хлопці
  • UA: Good Boys Good Boys
  • UY: Chicos buenos Chicos buenos
  • VN: Nhung Cau Trai Ngoan Nhung Cau Trai Ngoan
Directed by Gene Stupnitsky show all movies of Gene Stupnitsky
Artists Enid-Raye Adams
as Thor's Mom
Scott Augustine
as Cart Pusher (Mall Dancer) / Thor Skeleton
Will Forte
as Max's Dad
Release date 16 Aug 2019
Genre Adventure Comedy
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