Going the Distance 2010

A romantic comedy centered on a guy and a gal who try to keep their love alive as they shuttle back and forth between New York and San Francisco to see one another.

All Titles
  • AR: Amor a distancia Amor a distancia
  • BR: Amor à Distância Amor à Distância
  • BG: Любов от разтояние Любов от разтояние
  • CA: Loin des yeux Loin des yeux
  • HR: Ljubav na daljinu Ljubav na daljinu
  • EE: Kaugsuhe Kaugsuhe
  • FI: Kaukorakkautta Kaukorakkautta
  • FR: Trop loin pour toi Trop loin pour toi
  • DE: Verrückt nach Dir Verrückt nach Dir
  • GR: Apo makria kai agapimenoi! Apo makria kai agapimenoi!
  • HU: Hétmérföldes szerelem Hétmérföldes szerelem
  • IL: Holhim rahok Holhim rahok
  • IT: Amore a ... 1000 miglia Amore a ... 1000 miglia
  • IT: Amore a mille... miglia Amore a mille... miglia
  • MX: Amor a distancia Amor a distancia
  • PE: Amor a distancia Amor a distancia
  • PL: Stosunki miedzymiastowe Stosunki miedzymiastowe
  • PT: Adoro-te... à Distância Adoro-te... à Distância
  • RU: На расстоянии любви На расстоянии любви
  • SI: Ljubezen na daljavo Ljubezen na daljavo
  • ES: Salvando las distancias Salvando las distancias
  • TR: Seni uzaktan sevmek Seni uzaktan sevmek
  • UA: На вiдстанi кохання На вiдстанi кохання
  • UY: Amor a distancia Amor a distancia
Directed by Nanette Burstein
Artists Drew Barrymore
as Erin
Christina Applegate
as Corinne
Terry Beaver
as Professor
Release date 03 Sep 2010
Genre Comedy Romance
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Going the Distance 2010