Girl, Positive 2007

A popular high school girl finds out that a boy she slept with is HIV positive.

All Titles
  • Consequences
  • Girl Posi+ive
  • FR: Conséquences Conséquences
  • GR: Girl, Positive Girl, Positive
  • PT: Rapariga Positiva Rapariga Positiva
  • RU: Девушка со статусом 'Положительная' Девушка со статусом 'Положительная'
  • SI: Hiv pozitivna? Hiv pozitivna?
Directed by Peter Werner
Artists Jennie Garth
as Sarah Bennett
Nathan Anderson
as Tim Willey
Andrea Bowen
as Rachel Sandler
Release date 25 Jun 2007
Genre Drama
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