Giant 1956

Sprawling epic covering the life of a Texas cattle rancher and his family and associates.

All Titles
  • Гигант
  • Giganten
  • AR: Gigante Gigante
  • AT: Giganten Giganten
  • BR: Assim Caminha a Humanidade Assim Caminha a Humanidade
  • BG: Гигантът Гигантът
  • CA: Géant Géant
  • DK: Giganten Giganten
  • FI: Jätten Jätten
  • FI: Jättiläinen Jättiläinen
  • FI: Jättiläinen Jättiläinen
  • FR: Géant Géant
  • DE: Giganten Giganten
  • GR: O gigas O gigas
  • GR: Ο Γίγας Ο Γίγας
  • HU: Óriás Óriás
  • IR: Ghool Ghool
  • IL: A'nuck A'nuck
  • IT: Il gigante Il gigante
  • JP: Jaiantsu Jaiantsu
  • MX: Gigante Gigante
  • NO: Giganten Giganten
  • PE: Gigante Gigante
  • PL: Olbrzym Olbrzym
  • PT: O Gigante O Gigante
  • RO: Uriasul Uriasul
  • RS: Div Div
  • SK: Obor Obor
  • SI: Velikan Velikan
  • ES: Gigante Gigante
  • SE: Jätten Jätten
  • TR: Devlerin aski Devlerin aski
  • UA: Гiгант Гiгант
  • UY: Gigante Gigante
  • YU: Div Div
Directed by George Stevens
Artists James Dean
as Jett Rink
Elizabeth Taylor
as Leslie Benedict
Dennis Hopper
as Jordan Benedict III
Release date 24 Nov 1956
Genre Drama Western
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Giant 1956