Ghost Town 2009

A bus full of college students stumble across an abandoned western town and realize it is haunted by the ghosts of outlaws who brutally killed the residents and now kill visitors every 13 years on Friday the 13th to become stronger.

All Titles
  • BR: Cidade Fantasma Cidade Fantasma
  • FI: Ghost Town Ghost Town
  • FR: Le pentacle maudit Le pentacle maudit
  • DE: Die Geisterstadt Die Geisterstadt
  • IT: Ghost town - La città fantasma Ghost town - La città fantasma
  • PL: Miasto widmo Miasto widmo
  • PT: Cidade Fantasma Cidade Fantasma
  • RO: Orasul fantoma Orasul fantoma
  • ES: Pueblo fantasma Pueblo fantasma
Directed by Todor Chapkanov show all movies of Todor Chapkanov
Artists Gil Gerard
as Preacher McCready
Billy Drago
as Reb Halland
Nick Harvey
as Mayor
Release date 24 Oct 2009
Genre Horror Sci-Fi Western
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