Get Shorty 2017

The adventures of a mobster-turned-movie producer in Hollywood. TV show based on Elmore Leonard's novel and subsequent film.

All Titles
  • AU: Get Shorty Get Shorty
  • HU: Szóljatok a köpcösnek! - A sorozat Szóljatok a köpcösnek! - A sorozat
  • IT: Get Shorty Get Shorty
  • PL: Dorwać Małego Dorwać Małego
  • RO: Un mafiot la Hollywood Un mafiot la Hollywood
  • RU: Достать коротышку Достать коротышку
  • ES: Get Shorty Get Shorty
  • UA: Get Shorty Get Shorty
Artists Alan Arkin
as Eugene
Peter Bogdanovich
as Giustino Moreweather
Heather Graham
as Banana Girl
Release date 01 Jan 2017
Genre Comedy Crime
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