Get Him to the Greek 2010

A record company intern is hired to accompany out-of-control British rock star Aldous Snow to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theater.

All Titles
  • Get Me to the Gig
  • BE: American Trip American Trip
  • BR: O Pior Trabalho do Mundo O Pior Trabalho do Mundo
  • BG: Секс, наркотици и Лас Вегас Секс, наркотици и Лас Вегас
  • CA: 72 heures 72 heures
  • CO: Misión Rockstar Misión Rockstar
  • HR: To je rock'n'roll! To je rock'n'roll!
  • EE: Lohista ta lavale Lohista ta lavale
  • FI: Keikkaa pukkaa Keikkaa pukkaa
  • FR: American Trip American Trip
  • DE: Männertrip Männertrip
  • GR: Sikotos gia ti synavlia Sikotos gia ti synavlia
  • GR: Σηκωτός για τη συναυλία Σηκωτός για τη συναυλία
  • HU: Felhangolva Felhangolva
  • IT: In viaggio con una rock star In viaggio con una rock star
  • LT: Tempk ji čia! Tempk ji čia!
  • PL: Idol z piekła rodem Idol z piekła rodem
  • PT: É Muito Rock, Meu! É Muito Rock, Meu!
  • RO: Adu-l urgent pe scena Adu-l urgent pe scena
  • RU: Побег из Вегаса Побег из Вегаса
  • RS: Samo ga dovedi Samo ga dovedi
  • SK: Dostan ho tam Dostan ho tam
  • SI: Superzur Superzur
  • ES: Todo sobre mi desmadre Todo sobre mi desmadre
  • TR: Zorlu görev Zorlu görev
  • UA: Зiрковий ескорт Зiрковий ескорт
Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Artists Colm Meaney
as Jonathan Snow
Christina Aguilera
as Christina Aguilera
Sean 'Diddy' Combs
as Sergio
Release date 04 Jun 2010
Genre Adventure Comedy Music
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