Gary Unmarried 2008

Newly divorced after fifteen years of marriage, Gary Brooks, a painting contractor, strives to balance work, shared custody of his two children, a controlling ex-wife, and his foxy new girlfriend.

All Titles
  • Untitled Ed Yeager Project
  • Project Gary
  • FI: Sinkkuisä Gary Sinkkuisä Gary
  • FR: La nouvelle vie de Gary La nouvelle vie de Gary
  • HU: Elvált Gary Elvált Gary
  • IT: Provaci ancora Gary Provaci ancora Gary
  • NO: Lykkelig skilt Lykkelig skilt
  • RU: Холостяк Гари Холостяк Гари
Artists Brian Palermo
as 1 episode, 2008
Rachael Harris
as 1 episode, 2010
Tom Billett
as 1 episode, 2009
Release date 24 Sep 2008
Genre Comedy
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