Gang Related 1997

After murdering an undercover DEA agent, two corrupt cops scramble to cover up what they've done.

All Titles
  • Criminal Intent
  • AR: Intento criminal Intento criminal
  • BR: As Duas Faces da Lei As Duas Faces da Lei
  • BG: Престъпна мрежа Престъпна мрежа
  • BG: Мафиотска връзка Мафиотска връзка
  • CA: Erreur sur la victime Erreur sur la victime
  • DK: Criminal Intent Criminal Intent
  • FR: Flics sans scrupules Flics sans scrupules
  • FR: Criminal Gang Criminal Gang
  • DE: Gangland - Cops unter Beschuß Gangland - Cops unter Beschuß
  • GR: Symmoria yperano ypopsias Symmoria yperano ypopsias
  • HU: Bűnös szándék Bűnös szándék
  • IT: Istinti criminali Istinti criminali
  • JP: Gang City Gang City
  • NL: Criminal Intent Criminal Intent
  • PL: Brudny glina Brudny glina
  • PT: Os Especialistas do Crime Os Especialistas do Crime
  • PT: Os Especialistas do Crime Os Especialistas do Crime
  • RO: Intre lege si crima Intre lege si crima
  • RU: Преступные связи Преступные связи
  • ES: La sombra de los culpables La sombra de los culpables
Directed by Jim Kouf
Artists James Earl Jones
as Arthur Baylor
Dennis Quaid
as Joe Doe / William
Tupac Shakur
as Det. Rodriguez
Release date 08 Oct 1997
Genre Action Crime Drama Romance Thriller
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