Fury 1936

When a wrongly accused prisoner barely survives a lynch mob attack and is presumed dead, he vindictively decides to fake his death and frame the mob for his supposed murder.

All Titles
  • Ярость
  • Mob Rule
  • The Mob
  • Blinde Wut
  • AR: Furia Furia
  • AT: Fury Fury
  • BR: Fúria Fúria
  • BG: Ярост Ярост
  • DK: Hævneren Hævneren
  • FI: Kiihko Kiihko
  • FI: Ja oikeus tapahtuu Ja oikeus tapahtuu
  • FR: Furie Furie
  • FR: Fureur Fureur
  • DE: Blinde Wut Blinde Wut
  • GR: Nemesis Nemesis
  • GR: Οργισμένος γίγαντας Οργισμένος γίγαντας
  • HU: Téboly Téboly
  • HU: Fúria Fúria
  • IT: Furia Furia
  • MX: Furia Furia
  • PL: Jestem niewinny Jestem niewinny
  • PT: Fúria Fúria
  • ES: Furia Furia
  • TR: Öfke Öfke
  • UY: Furia Furia
Directed by Fritz Lang show all movies of Fritz Lang
Artists Spencer Tracy
as Joe Wilson
Ward Bond
as Man
Walter Brennan
as 'Bugs' Meyers
Release date 05 Jun 1936
Genre Crime Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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