Fun in Acapulco 1963

Mike works on a boat in Acapulco. When the bratty daughter of the boat owner gets him fired, Mike must find new work. Little boy Rauol helps him get a job as a lifeguard and singer at a ...

All Titles
  • Вечеринка в Акапулько
  • Vacation in Acapulco
  • Acapulco
  • AR: Fiesta en Acapulco Fiesta en Acapulco
  • AU: Love in Acapulco Love in Acapulco
  • AT: Fun in Acapulco Fun in Acapulco
  • BR: O Seresteiro de Acapulco O Seresteiro de Acapulco
  • BG: Купон в Акапулко Купон в Акапулко
  • CA: L'idole d'Acapulco L'idole d'Acapulco
  • DK: Sjov i Acapulco Sjov i Acapulco
  • DK: Fest i Acapulco Fest i Acapulco
  • FI: Rytmiä ja riemua Acapulcossa Rytmiä ja riemua Acapulcossa
  • FR: L'idole d'Acapulco L'idole d'Acapulco
  • GR: Xefantoma sto Mexiko Xefantoma sto Mexiko
  • GR: Ξεφάντωμα στο Μεξικό Ξεφάντωμα στο Μεξικό
  • HU: Acapulcói kaland Acapulcói kaland
  • HU: Ünnep Acapulcóban Ünnep Acapulcóban
  • IT: L'idolo di Acapulco L'idolo di Acapulco
  • PL: Zabawa w Acapulco Zabawa w Acapulco
  • PT: Amor em Acapulco Amor em Acapulco
  • RO: Veselie la Acapulco Veselie la Acapulco
  • ES: El ídolo de Acapulco El ídolo de Acapulco
  • SE: Kul i Acapulco Kul i Acapulco
  • TR: Rio'da bulusalim Rio'da bulusalim
  • VE: Diversión en Acapulco Diversión en Acapulco
  • YU: Zabava u Acapulcu Zabava u Acapulcu
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Artists Elvis Presley
as Mike Windgren
Teri Garr
as Hotel Guest
Release date 27 Nov 1963
Genre Comedy Music
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