Friendship! 2009

A young man from East Germany travels to San Francisco to search for his father, who fled 12 years ago.

All Titles
  • DE: Friendship! Friendship!
  • AR: Friendship! Friendship!
  • BR: Amizade! Amizade!
  • BG: Приятелство Приятелство
  • HU: Barátság! Barátság!
  • PL: Przyjazn! Przyjazn!
  • RO: Prietenie! Prietenie!
  • RU: Том и Вайт уделывают Америку Том и Вайт уделывают Америку
Directed by Markus Goller
Artists David Hasselhoff
as Himself (archive footage)
Dwayne Adway
as Hunter
Kimberly J. Brown
as Dorothee
Release date 14 Jan 2010
Genre Adventure Comedy
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