Friends from College 2017

Twenty years after graduation, a tight-knit group of college friends reconnects and discovers that love hasn't gotten easier with age.

All Titles
  • AR: Amigos de la Universidad Amigos de la Universidad
  • BR: Amigos da Faculdade Amigos da Faculdade
  • FI: Vanha kaveriporukka Vanha kaveriporukka
  • FR: Friends from College Friends from College
  • DE: Friends from College Friends from College
  • GR: Παλιοί Συμφοιτητές Παλιοί Συμφοιτητές
  • IT: Compagni di università Compagni di università
  • JP: College Friends College Friends
  • JP: Karejji furenzu Karejji furenzu
  • PL: Przyjaciele z uniwerku Przyjaciele z uniwerku
  • PT: Amigos de Faculdade Amigos de Faculdade
  • RU: Друзья с колледжа Друзья с колледжа
  • ES: Amigos de la universidad Amigos de la universidad
Artists Fred Savage
as Max Adler
J.B. Adams
as Charlie's Dad
Billy Asai
as Commuter
Release date 14 Jul 2017
Genre Comedy Drama
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