Frenemies 2012

Three sets of friends deal with the ups and downs of their ever-changing relationships.

All Titles
  • BR: Inimigos de Infância Inimigos de Infância
  • BG: Не-приятели Не-приятели
  • FR: Amiennemies Amiennemies
  • DE: Beste FReinde Beste FReinde
  • GR: Φίλεχθροι Φίλεχθροι
  • HU: Bar/átok Bar/átok
  • IT: Nemiciperlapelle Nemiciperlapelle
  • PL: Nie-przyjaciele Nie-przyjaciele
  • PT: Aminimigos Aminimigos
  • RU: Заклятые друзья Заклятые друзья
  • ES: Amienemigos Amienemigos
  • TR: Dost Musun Dusman Mi Dost Musun Dusman Mi
Directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer
Artists Stewart Arnott
as Pemberly
Matt Baram
as Mr. Brock
Kathryn Greenwood
as Lisa Logan
Release date 13 Jan 2012
Genre Comedy Drama Family
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