Free and Easy 1930

A bumbling manager tries to get a small town beauty contest winner into the movies.

All Titles
  • Свободный и легкий
  • Easy Go
  • On the Set
  • AT: Auf Liebe eingestellt Auf Liebe eingestellt
  • BR: Jeca de Hollywood Jeca de Hollywood
  • BR: Livre e Fácil Livre e Fácil
  • DK: Stjernekiggeren Stjernekiggeren
  • FI: Filmihullu Hollywoodissa Filmihullu Hollywoodissa
  • FI: Buster Hollywoodissa Buster Hollywoodissa
  • FR: Le metteur en scene Le metteur en scene
  • DE: Buster rutscht ins Filmland Buster rutscht ins Filmland
  • GR: O skinothetis O skinothetis
  • IT: Chi non cerca... trova Chi non cerca... trova
  • PL: Impresario Impresario
  • PT: Fabricante de Estrelas Fabricante de Estrelas
  • SE: Buttra Busters balett Buttra Busters balett
Directed by Edward Sedgwick
Artists Buster Keaton
as Elmer Butts
Lionel Barrymore
as Lionel Barrymore - Director of Bedroom Scene
Jackie Coogan
as Jackie Coogan - at Premiere
Release date 22 Mar 1930
Genre Comedy Musical
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