Frasier 1993

Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown of Seattle, where he lives with his father, and works as a radio psychiatrist.

All Titles
  • AR: Frasier Frasier
  • BR: Frasier Frasier
  • BG: Фрейзър Фрейзър
  • FI: Frasier Frasier
  • FR: Frasier Frasier
  • DE: Frasier Frasier
  • GR: Frasier Frasier
  • HU: A dumagép A dumagép
  • IT: Frasier Frasier
  • PT: O Psiquiatra da Rádio O Psiquiatra da Rádio
  • RU: Фрейзер Фрейзер
  • RS: Frejžer Frejžer
  • ES: Frasier Frasier
  • UA: Фрейзер Фрейзер
Artists Gillian Anderson
as 1 episode, 1999
Kevin Bacon
as 1 episode, 1994
Release date 16 Sep 1993
Genre Comedy
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