Franklin & Bash 2010

Lawyers and lifelong friends Jared Franklin and Peter Bash are recruited by a large firm's major partner after winning a high-profile case.

All Titles
  • Franklin & Bash
  • HR: Franklin i Bash Franklin i Bash
  • FR: Franklin & Bash Franklin & Bash
  • HU: Franklin és Bash Franklin és Bash
  • PT: Franklin e Bash Franklin e Bash
  • RO: Franklin si Bash Franklin si Bash
  • RU: Компаньоны Компаньоны
  • ES: Franklin y Bash Franklin y Bash
Artists Rob Lowe
as 2 episodes, 2013
Gates McFadden
as 4 episodes, 2011-2013
Peter Weller
as 1 episode, 2012
Release date 01 Jun 2011
Genre Comedy Crime
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