Force of Execution 2013

A crime boss sends his top man to kill a prisoner. He gets the wrong man and pays the price. 6 months later he's back on his feet. His ex boss is now being squeezed out by Ice Man, who's responsible for the "wrong man" deal.

All Titles
  • BR: Senhor Do Crime Senhor Do Crime
  • BG: Наказателен отряд Наказателен отряд
  • HU: Az utolsó vérig Az utolsó vérig
  • JP: Chinmoku no shokei gundan Chinmoku no shokei gundan
  • LT: Baudžiamasis burys Baudžiamasis burys
  • PT: Senhor do Crime Senhor do Crime
  • RO: Executie în forta Executie în forta
  • RU: Карательный отряд Карательный отряд
  • ES: Ejecución extrema Ejecución extrema
Directed by Keoni Waxman
Artists Steven Seagal
as Alexander Coates
Ving Rhames
as Ice Man
Danny Trejo
as Oso
Release date 13 Mar 2014
Genre Action Crime
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