Forbidden Planet 1956

A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet's colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.

All Titles
  • Запретная планета
  • Fatal Planet
  • Alarm im Weltall
  • AR: El planeta desconocido El planeta desconocido
  • AT: Alarm im Weltall Alarm im Weltall
  • BE: Planète interdite Planète interdite
  • BE: Verboden planeet Verboden planeet
  • BR: O Planeta Proibido O Planeta Proibido
  • BR: Planeta Proibido Planeta Proibido
  • BG: Забранената планета Забранената планета
  • CA: Planète interdite Planète interdite
  • CA: Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet
  • CL: El planeta desconocido El planeta desconocido
  • DK: Kampen på dødskloden Kampen på dødskloden
  • FI: Kielletty planeetta Kielletty planeetta
  • FI: Den förbjuden planeten Den förbjuden planeten
  • FR: Planète interdite Planète interdite
  • DE: Alarm im Weltall Alarm im Weltall
  • GR: Monomahia dyo kosmon Monomahia dyo kosmon
  • GR: Apagorevmenos planitis Apagorevmenos planitis
  • GR: Μονομαχία δύο κόσμων Μονομαχία δύο κόσμων
  • HU: Tiltott bolygó Tiltott bolygó
  • IT: Il pianeta proibito Il pianeta proibito
  • NL: Verboden planeet Verboden planeet
  • NZ: Forbidden Planet Forbidden Planet
  • NO: Den forbudte planet Den forbudte planet
  • PL: Zakazana planeta Zakazana planeta
  • PT: Planeta Proibido Planeta Proibido
  • RO: Planeta interzisa Planeta interzisa
  • RS: Zabranjena planeta Zabranjena planeta
  • ES: Planeta prohibit Planeta prohibit
  • ES: Planeta prohibido Planeta prohibido
  • SE: Förbjuden värld Förbjuden värld
  • TR: Meçhul dünya Meçhul dünya
  • UA: Заборонена планета Заборонена планета
  • VE: El planeta desconocido El planeta desconocido
Directed by Fred M. Wilcox
Artists Leslie Nielsen
as Commander Adams
Anne Francis
as Altaira Morbius
Richard Anderson
as Chief Quinn
Release date 13 Jun 1958
Genre Action Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller
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