Footlights and Fools 1929

A musical comedy star named Fifi D'Auray is famed for her Gallic charm, though she is really one Betty Murphy. She won't marry her fiance, Jimmy, until he stops gambling and gets honest ...

All Titles
  • BR: Mademoiselle Fifi Mademoiselle Fifi
  • IT: Mademoiselle Fifì Mademoiselle Fifì
  • MX: El Vertigo de la Vida El Vertigo de la Vida
  • NL: Achter de coulissen Achter de coulissen
  • SE: Endast du Endast du
  • UY: Candilejas y candidos Candilejas y candidos
Directed by William A. Seiter
Artists Larry Banthim
as Bud Burke
Earl Bartlett
as Trio Leader
Mickey Bennett
as Call boy
Release date 08 Nov 1929
Genre Drama Musical
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