Footlight Parade 1933

Chester Kent struggles against time, romance, and a rival's spy to produce spectacular live "prologues" for movie houses.

All Titles
  • Парад в огнях рампы
  • AT: Footlight Parade Footlight Parade
  • AT: Tausend Takte Liebe Tausend Takte Liebe
  • BR: Belezas em Revista Belezas em Revista
  • BG: Парад в светлините на рампата Парад в светлините на рампата
  • DK: Rampelys-paraden Rampelys-paraden
  • FI: Shanghai Lil Shanghai Lil
  • FR: Prologue Prologue
  • FR: Prologues Prologues
  • DE: Chester übertrifft sich selbst Chester übertrifft sich selbst
  • DE: Parade im Rampenlicht Parade im Rampenlicht
  • GR: I parelasis tou gymnou I parelasis tou gymnou
  • HU: Rivaldafény parádé Rivaldafény parádé
  • HU: A rivalda fénye A rivalda fénye
  • IT: Viva le donne Viva le donne
  • PL: Nocne motyle Nocne motyle
  • PT: Mil Apoteoses Mil Apoteoses
  • ES: Desfile de candilejas Desfile de candilejas
  • SE: Footlight Parade Footlight Parade
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Artists James Cagney
as Chester Kent
Billy Barty
as Mouse / Little Boy
Busby Berkeley
as Drugstore Clerk
Release date 21 Oct 1933
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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