Flypaper 2011

A man caught in the middle of two simultaneous robberies at the same bank desperately tries to protect the teller with whom he's secretly in love.

All Titles
  • Untitled Bank Heist Comedy
  • DE: Flypaper Flypaper
  • AR: El gran robo El gran robo
  • BR: Assalto em Dose Dupla Assalto em Dose Dupla
  • BG: Мухоловка Мухоловка
  • CA: L'embuscade L'embuscade
  • HR: Muholovka Muholovka
  • FR: Hold-Up$ Hold-Up$
  • DE: Flypaper - Wer überfällt hier wen? Flypaper - Wer überfällt hier wen?
  • GR: Anamesa se dyo listeies Anamesa se dyo listeies
  • GR: Ανάμεσα σε Δυο Ληστείες Ανάμεσα σε Δυο Ληστείες
  • HU: Bankcsapda Bankcsapda
  • IT: Le regole della truffa Le regole della truffa
  • PE: El gran robo El gran robo
  • PL: Lep na muchy Lep na muchy
  • PT: Amor à Prova de Roubo Amor à Prova de Roubo
  • RO: Marele jaf Marele jaf
  • RU: Липучка Липучка
  • RS: Lepak za muve Lepak za muve
  • SI: Muholovka Muholovka
  • ES: Atraco por duplicado Atraco por duplicado
  • TR: Çifte Soygun Çifte Soygun
  • UA: Липучка Липучка
  • VE: El Gran Robo El Gran Robo
Directed by Rob Minkoff
Artists Ashley Judd
as Kaitlin
Patrick Dempsey
as Tripp
Mekhi Phifer
as Darrien
Release date 25 Aug 2011
Genre Comedy Crime Mystery
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